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1.  Latest News in India, Bodopress is an official site that provides the latest news. The site focuses on government, local, and other North-Eastern regions and also includes national and international news and various other shows in English, Hindi, and Bodo languages. The site was launched on October 16, 2014, with the YouTube channel Bodo Press.

Registered on Govt News Portal

2. Bodopress is registered on the 'Govt News portal' as the latest breaking live news provider which can be seen publicly on www.bodopress.com and www.bodonews.info. This website is an official blog that broadcasts breaking news content in Hindi, English, Assamese, and Bodo languages. Bodopress is a site that always relies on the latest breaking news from the North Eastern news portal of the current situation in Assam, which is Registered on Govt News Portal of MSME National Industry Classification Code(s) NIC 2 Digit-(63-Information Service Activities), NIC 4 Digit-(6312-web portal) and NIC 5 Digit-(63122-Operation of others websites that act as portals to the internet, such as media's sites providing periodically updated contents), activities services on UDYAM-AS-27-00000** of www.bodonews.info

And also visit the YouTube channel on "Bodo Press" for the latest updated videos.

3. Please stay connected to the current situation in Assam, keep viewing our latest updates, and subscribe to our site for receiving the fastest News. Please Installed our News Mobile App here from the play store "Latest Hindi News" https://b5ouh76s1.appstylo.com.  

​4. The Valuable suggestions to improve our website are appreciated. Kindly forward your requirements at regular intervals comments.

5.    Publisher and Editors:-
About us
Bodopress: Publisher/Pritti Boro

Bodopress: Editor & Designer/Rati Kanta Boro, PGDCSc, Software Engr and Programming
Bodopress: Editor & Designer/Rati Kanta Boro, PGDCSc,
Software Engr and Programming(Mumbai)

About Us (Bodopress)
Article's & Poem Writer: Kajal Sah, Kolkata

About Us (Bodopress)
Reporter & Writers: Jebilion Boro, BJMC(New Delhi)

6.    Our Reporters from various place's :-

     (a)   Karan Singh, BJMC    - Patna(Bihar)
     (b)   Dev Nath, Writer         - Tezpur
     (c)   Ujjal Baruah                - Guwahati
     (d)   Rwnchang                   - Tangla
     (e)   Dwitun Basumatary    - Udalguri
     (f)    Sushil Kumar, BJMC - Jaipur(Raj)

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