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1.  The BODOPRESS get the news today is Assam latest breaking news today and current situation news provider official site. The site focuses Assam and other North Eastern states of India, and tagged as News Bodopress get the news today. This site is owned by Official Bodopress owner. It covers regional as well as national and international news and various other shows in English, Hindi, Assamese and Bodo Languages. The site was launched on 16 Oct 2014 alongwith YouTube Channel "Bodo Press".

2.   Bodopress is the Assam latest breaking live news provider that can be seen publicly on www.bodopress.com and www.bodonews.info. This website is an official blog that broadcasts breaking news content in Hindi, English, Assamese and Bodo languages. Bodopress is a site that always relies on the latest breaking news from the Northeast news portal of current situation in assam. And also visit YouTube channel on "Bodo Press". For contact us business email: bodopress@bodopress.com and contact@bodopress.com  
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