Defence: 12th India-Mongolia Joint Working Group meeting

17 MAY 2024: The 12th Joint Working Group (JWG) meeting between the Defence Ministries of India and Mongolia took place in Ulaanbaatar on May 16-17, 2024. The meeting was co-chaired by the Joint Secretary, MoD, India Shri Amitabh Prasad and State Secretary of MoD, Mongolia Brigadier General Gankhuyag Davagdorj. India’s Ambassador to Mongolia Shri Atul Malhari Gotsurve also attended the meeting.

Defence: 12th India-Mongolia Joint Working Group meeting
Defence: 12th India-Mongolia Joint Working Group meeting 

During the JWG, both sides expressed satisfaction at the ongoing defence cooperation between the two countries. They reviewed the progress on various bilateral defence cooperation initiatives and identified means to further enhance cooperation in these areas, articulating steps in this direction. Both sides also exchanged views on the current geopolitical situation.

The Indian defence industry

The Joint Secretary highlighted the potential of the capacity & capability of the Indian defence industry and looked forward to a fruitful partnership with the Armed Forces of Mongolia. The Mongolian side exuded confidence in the capacity & capability of the Indian industry. Both sides also acknowledged the growing ties between the two countries.

The Joint Secretary & the Indian Ambassador also called on the Deputy Defence Minister of Mongolia Mr B Bayarmagnai, and discussed bilateral cooperation issues. The delegation visited a training establishment in Ulaanbaatar and reviewed the ongoing engagements.

India enjoys age-old historical, cultural and civilisational ties with Mongolia. Both countries regard each other as ‘Spiritual Neighbours’. In modern times, values like democracy, freedom and market economy hold the two nations closer.

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